The Retirement Planning Specialists

Our Company

Bauman Advisory Group, LLC (BAG) “The Retirement Planning Specialists”. We are dedicated to helping you work towards financial independence in retirement by developing a comprehensive financial plan and ensuring your retirement plan works in concert with all pieces of your financial strategy. At BAG, we empower you to navigate today’s professional and retirement paths. We will work with you to identify your retirement goals, help you create and implement a sound retirement plan and help you stay on track towards meeting your retirement goals. So, how are we truly different than the many advisory firms offering investment and retirement advice?

Developing a Comprehensive Financial Planning Relationship

Over time, you have many professionals doing different things with your “pieces”. As such, these individuals may move on to other careers or pursuits and are replaced with other professionals whom you don’t really know and that may not be fully in-tune with your specific circumstance. But more importantly, these individuals are only interested in their specific “piece” and handle it with what we call tunnel vision; only interested in their specific area of expertise.

As a result, you may end up with disjointed “pieces” that do not quite fit together. At BAG, we look at all your financial “pieces” and show you how they work together to create a financial strategy and retirement plan. More importantly, we show you how these “pieces” can be protected and may be optimized by working in concert with each other to help achieve financial independence.

Empowering You to Work Towards Retirement Independence

  • Our goal is to help maximize income to increase over time while reducing potential market risks.
  • Gain new insights into how to help protect your retirement assets from possible market volatility.
  • Discover how to tap into your 401(k)/403(b) assets while minimizing taxes and/or penalties.
  • Help grow your assets while helping reduce exposure to market risks.
  • Balance your tax deferred investments in concert with tax-free investments for potential increased tax savings and retirement income.
  • Review strategies to turn an existing IRA into a potentially tax-free account.
  • Review strategies for accounts that do not have required minimum distribution (RMD) requirements – even if you’re older than 70½.
  • Review strategies to minimize common IRA owner mistakes while potentially maximizing your IRA distributions for you and your loved ones.